Sean Penn Bemoans Cancel Culture as 'Ludicrous' After Calling for Pro-Trump Evangelical Leaders to Be 'Impeached'

Sean Penn Bemoans Cancel Culture as 'Ludicrous' After Calling for Pro-Trump Evangelical Leaders to Be 'Impeached'

Hollywood actor-director Sean Penn has denounced cancel culture as “ludicrous” even though he recently compared supporters of Donald Trump to al-Qaeda and called for pro-Trump evangelical leaders to be “impeached.”

Sean Penn spoke about cancel culture during an interview on the podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

“When we’re destroying careers like that, what are we really achieving? What are we doing?” the two-time Academy Award-winning actor asked. “Or you look at politicians. I give a big nod to anybody that’s willing to enter the public arena who is doing so because they give a damn.”

During the podcast, Penn called cancel culture “ludicrous” and defended journalist Alexi McCammond, who lost her job as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue in March after her anti-Asian tweets resurfaced.

Listen below:

Earlier this year, the Hollywood star compared Trump supporters to the al-Qaeda, the Islamist terror network, and then-President Trump to Osama bin Laden.

The Republicans arguing against impeachment are looking to absolve Bin Laden because it might “inflame” Al Queda(The Base). That’s a chump’s way out. Truth and Justice will be the first seed of unity. Impeach.

— Sean Penn (@SeanPenn) January 13, 2021

In another bizarre tweet, he said the Pope should “impeach” evangelical leaders who fail to denounce former President Trump.

Evangelical leaders should themselves be impeached by the Vatican if they themselves don’t follow Nikki Haley’s lead & clearly state they should not have followed Satin into the bowels of hell. But, perhaps they are too busy at sex parties.

— Sean Penn (@SeanPenn) February 13, 2021

During the Conan O’Brien podcast, Penn also spoke about playing the late gay activist Harvey Milk in the 2008 movie Milk, for which he won his second Oscar.

“Today, almost certainly, I would not be pemitted to be cast in that role,” he said. “We’re living in a time where if you’re playing a gay, elite character, you would have to be a gay man or a trans character.”

He said in today’s “pendulum-swing society that we’re in, you wonder at some point if only Danish princes can play Hamlet.”

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