RUSH TO JUDGMENT: Rockies Fan Yelled 'Dinger,' Not N-Word, During Brinson At-Bat

RUSH TO JUDGMENT: Rockies Fan Yelled 'Dinger,' Not N-Word, During Brinson At-Bat

The Colorado Rockies have investigated an incident in which it sounded to some as though a fan shouted a racial slur at a black Florida Marlins player during an at-bat on Sunday.

However, after an investigation, it turns out that the fan was shouting “Dinger” in an attempt to get the attention of the Rockies mascot.

During the ninth inning of the Marlins-Rockies game at Coors Field, the telecast for Bally Sports Florida picked up what sounded like a fan yelling “n*gger!” during Lewis Brinson’s at-bat. Brinson is black.

Some fan was screaming “Nigger” as loud as he could at Miami Marlins player Lewis Brinson at Coors Field

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) August 8, 2021

Soon after that video was posted, the Rockies blasted the fan and promised to eject anyone caught using racial slurs.

A statement from the Colorado Rockies regarding the racial slur incident at the end of today's game:

— Colorado Rockies (@Rockies) August 9, 2021

However, shortly after that video made the rounds on the internet, multiple Twitter users came forward claiming that the fan was actually shouting “Dinger” in an attempt to gain the attention of the Rockies mascot, who goes by that name.

if you look closely he was trying to get the attention of “Dinger” the Rockies mascot.

— rhysta (@vrhysta) August 9, 2021

Another Twitter user posted this video, backing up that claim:

Rockies fan deserve a fair chance here. Before the man yells you can hear several people say the same word. The name pops up with the appearance of the Rockies mascot. Take a listen.

— Mr. Diaz® (@IEdoyer) August 9, 2021

That explanation turned out to be exactly what the Rockies found when they looked into the incident.

According to Channel 9 News’ Steve Staeger:

NEW: The Rockies tell me last night’s incident was a fan shouting to get the attention of the Rockies mascot Dinger, not a racial slur. The Rockies have spoken to the fan who confirms this is the case. They’ve also reviewed video from the local broadcast. #9News

— Steve Staeger (@SteveStaeger) August 9, 2021

The Rockies say they worked with AT&T Sportsnet, the local broadcaster, to identify where the microphone that picked up the comment was.

— Steve Staeger (@SteveStaeger) August 9, 2021

Of course, waiting for the facts of the case before rushing to judgment is just not what people do nowadays, as evidenced by the immediate backlash on Twitter.

The Rockies, the fans sitting around the racist, and the umpires all failed Lewis Brinson. The lack of response from some and slow response from others is a clear indication of where some people stand on this. They could care less about racism. Some are even complicit.

— Randy Wilkins (@pamsson) August 9, 2021

— Robert Ford (@raford3) August 9, 2021

Sorry you had to deal with a coward @LewisBrinson hold that head high as I know you will. Sucks when we always have to be the good guys!!

— 10 (@SimplyAJ10) August 9, 2021

Couldn't identify a guy who shouted out the hard R so that everyone within range, & especially Lewis Brinson, heard it? No fan was disturbed enough to say or do something? They laughed it off? Applauded it? Guy knew his surroundings well enough to sense there'd be no consequences

— Michael Lee (@MrMichaelLee) August 9, 2021

I proudly stand WITH Lewis Brinson, who is one of the kindest, hardest working, genuine people you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. I firmly stand AGAINST hatred, intolerance, ignorance, and the disgusting behavior that was exhibited earlier today. We have a long way to go. 💔

— Jessica Blaylock (@JessBlaylock) August 9, 2021

Just saw the video of the fan in Denver yelling a slur to #Marlins OF Lewis Brinson.
I’m not sharing it, you can find it yourself.
It’s disgusting, sad and I don’t know how that a hole wasn’t punched in the mouth.

— Robert Flores (@RoFlo) August 9, 2021

Even the MLB Players Association took part in the rush to judgment.

According to ESPN:

MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark said in a statement on Sunday night that ‘we have to continue to work together to ensure that racism is never tolerated on or off the field.’

‘While many are truly committed to respect and equality for all, the abhorrent racial animus displayed today highlights that there is still much work to be done,’ he said.

No charges will be brought against the fan.

Dylan Gwinn