Ron DeSantis Team Trolls the Left with Merch: 'Fauci Can Pound Sand'

Ron DeSantis Team Trolls the Left with Merch: 'Fauci Can Pound Sand'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) team continues to troll the left with campaign merchandise, now offering flip-flops that instruct Dr. Anthony Fauci to “pound sand.”

“Freedom Over Fauci Flip Flops” are one latest items offered on the governor’s campaign website. The $39 shoes feature the phrase “Freedom Over Faucism” on the straps, and the soles create an imprint, reading, “Fauci Can Pound Sand.”

An ad for the merch features a montage of Fauci and his continued flip-flops over masks and vaccinations. It shows Fauci saying, “People should not be walking around wearing masks”; “Masks work”; “Fully vaccinated you are protected, and you do not need to wear a mask”; and “If you are vaccinated, you should still wear a mask.”

“Dr. Fauci. He flips, he flops,” the ad reads before introducing the campaign merch:

This ad from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis taking aim at Dr Fauci is absolute fire.

“Fauci can pound sand.” 😂😂

— Scott Morefield (@SKMorefield) January 26, 2022

The latest merch comes on the heels of the DeSantis team trolling Democrats with its “Escape to Florida” shirt, showcasing the hypocrisy of left-wing individuals who criticize Florida yet recently flocked to the Sunshine State to vacation:

Meanwhile, nine states across the country, as well as Washington, DC, continue to have mask mandates in place as Fauci and other federal health officials extend restrictions and recommendations for masks. Florida, however, never once had a statewide mask mandate and continues to stand as what DeSantis has described as “America’s liberty outpost.”

Hannah Bleau