Paralympic Athlete Allegedly Attacked and Broke the Rib of a Security Guard in Tokyo

A paralympic athlete from the nation of Georgia is accused of attacking and breaking the rib of a security officer during the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The reported incident occurred after midnight on Thursday when a hotel security guard asked the athlete, a judo competitor, and his teammates to keep the noise down as a courtesy to other guests.


(Judo competition at the 2021 Tokyo Games. FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

During the discussion, the athlete became enraged and attacked the security guard, reportedly a man in his 60’s, sending him falling to the ground and breaking his rib.

A general view of the Judo arena at the Nippon Budokan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics

(Getty Images)

According to Japan Today, a criminal complaint has been filed against the athlete, and it is believed the judoka will not be allowed to compete in the Paralympic Games, which begin on August 24th.

The Georgian Paralympic Team is currently quarantining at their Tokyo hotel after one of their members tested positive for the coronavirus.

Dylan Gwinn