Nolte: Biden Lies About GOP Wanting to Stop People from Voting

Nolte: Biden Lies About GOP Wanting to Stop People from Voting

During his Wednesday night CNNLOL townhall, His Fraudulency Joe Biden once again suggested Republican state laws protecting election integrity add up to Republicans attempting to stop people from voting.

Here’s a sample from last night:

 I stand by what I said. Never before has there been an attempt by state legislatures to take over the ability to determine who won — not count the votes, determine who won.

We have election officials across the board that they’re deciding to push out of the way and if, in fact, tomorrow — let’s say we’re running last time, and these laws have been in effect, that are — these changes, in Georgia, the Georgia’s legislature, oh, Biden won by multiple thousand votes, they could say, “We don’t think it was legit,” and the state legislature votes, “We’re going to send electors up to Congress to vote for Trump, not Biden.”  That’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever been tried before. This is Jim Crow on steroids, what we’re talking about.

And what I don’t want to do is get wrapped up right now in the argument whether or not this is all about the filibuster or — look, the American public, you can’t stop them from voting.

Naturally, no one at CNNLOL challenged Biden on this. No one even brought up the fact that Georgia’s just-passed voter integrity law still makes it easier and more convenient to vote than in Biden’s home state of Delaware — which Democrats run.

Jim Crow on steroids? Biden knows better, knows he’s lying. After all, he should know. Let’s not forget that Biden was running around praising his segregationist pals (who were all Democrats) as recently as last year.

Let’s also not forget that in the Democrats’ Jim Crow South, Democrats imposed all kinds of hideous schemes to manipulate the vote in their favor: poll taxes, literacy tests, beatings, and lynchings. That’s a far, far cry from asking someone to bring an ID or verifying the signatures on their absentee ballots.

And now, today, this same Democrat party is imposing an all-new set of schemes to manipulate the vote in their favor: mailing out tens of millions of unsolicited ballots, dropping signature verification standards to near-zero (the only way to validate an absentee ballot is not forged); drop-boxes that remove absentee and mail-in ballots from an official chain of custody, ballot curing; fighting tooth-and-nail against voter ID (which 75 percent of the public supports). And in order to enshrine these schemes into law (in the same way Jim Crow was law in the Democrat-run south), they’re accusing the other side of resurrecting Jim Crow and doing so with the help of the godforsaken liars in the media, like CNNLOL.

There is not a single Republican in the country who opposes legal voters casting legal votes. Not one. Not a single one has suggested any such thing, nor has any law been proposed that would 1) make it difficult to cast a legal vote or 2) discourage anyone from casting a legal vote.

The only Jim Crow at work here is from Biden and the Democrats. Since they can no longer sick their German Shepherds and fire hoses on voters who threaten their power, they’re seeking to cancel out our vote with a fake vote and sick Antifa and Black Lives Matter on us.

If I was a modern-day Democrat, a member of a party that encourages riots, releases violent criminals into the streets, wants biological men walking around naked in your daughter’s locker room, and eager to lock us all down and stuff us in dirty masks, I’d be pretty worried about voter integrity laws myself.

John Nolte