Leftists Triggered After Mark Cuban Rescinds Vaccine Mandate for Fans at Mavs Games

Just over two weeks after saying that he would enforce vaccine mandates to protect cancer survivors and that if any employee of his refused to vaccinate he would be in their “m*therf*ck*ng ear,” Mark Cuban has rescinded the vaccine mandate for fans at Mavs games.

Beginning on November 15, Mavs fans will no longer have to provide proof of a negative test or Covid vaccination.

Mavs to lift COVID-19 vaccine, testing requirements for fans beginning Nov. 15 https://t.co/cZMdcBZZMl

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) November 1, 2021

Cuban defended the sudden and complete reversal from his staunch pro-vax stance by highlighting plummeting infection rates and the designating of a special seating area for immunocompromised fans.

However, the move still didn’t sit well with leftists on Twitter.

What a total fraud you are!!!!!! I can’t believe I used to really respect you! pic.twitter.com/oWzJjL4Kks

— John Ziegler (@Zigmanfreud) November 1, 2021


— Teran Johnson (@TeranJSports) November 1, 2021

Great move Mark. Glad you are following the science.

— Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11) November 1, 2021

You’re folding on your position. Money over morals

— Andy Smith (@aws818) November 1, 2021

Dallas is currently 4-2 atop the NBA’s Southwest Division.

Dylan Gwinn