Katt Williams: ‘There's No Cancel Culture,' Comedy Needs ‘Speed Limit' and Road Shoulders

Katt Williams: ‘There's No Cancel Culture,' Comedy Needs ‘Speed Limit' and Road Shoulders

Comedian Katt Williams has both defended cancel culture and denied that it even exists in a recent interview, saying cancel culture helps people “be more sensitive” in the way they talk.

He also bizarrely claimed comics have a duty to “please the most amount of people” with their art. His defense comes amid a growing backlash against cancel culture from prominent standup comics, including Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

Katt Williams made the remarks in a recent interview on The Joe Budden Podcast. At one point, he was asked about the repercussions cancel culture has had on comedy.

“Nobody likes the out-of-bounds, but the out-of-bounds gotta be there, or you’ll run up in the stands, right? So some of these things are for the benefit of everything,” Williams said.

“Nobody likes the speed limit, but it’s necessary. Nobody likes the shoulder of the road, but it’s there for a reason. My point is, [people] weren’t all that extremely funny back when they could say whatever they wanted to say.”

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He then denied cancel culture’s existence.  “At the end of the day, there’s no cancel culture. Cancellation doesn’t have its own culture.”

Katt then said cancel culture benefits society by making people more sensitive.

“I don’t know what people got canceled that we wish we had back. I don’t even know… Who are they? It’s done for the reasons it’s done for and it helped who it helped,” he said.

“If all that’s going to happen is that we have to be more sensitive in the way that we talk, isn’t that what we want anyway? I’m saying, your job as a comedian is to please the most amount of people with your art… Don’t call somebody this word when you know it affects all of these people.”

Both Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock have condemned cancel culture as a destructive force, saying it is making people scared to express themselves.

Other comedians who have spoken out against cancel culture include Ricky GervaisJohn Cleese, and Bill Burr.

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