Kamala Harris: 'We’re Going to Do Everything We Can to Support the Ukrainian People'

Kamala Harris: 'We’re Going to Do Everything We Can to Support the Ukrainian People'

Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday voiced the Biden administration’s support for Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion.

Harris told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” that the administration would do “everything” it could “to support the Ukrainian people.”

“[W] e’re going to do everything we can to support the Ukrainian people. And so, we are doing that through our security assistance, through economic assistance, humanitarian assistance,” Harris explained. “Again, when speaking to the prime ministers that I mentioned just yesterday, we talked in great detail about what we are doing to increase almost on a daily basis our security assistance; what we’re doing on almost a daily basis, including to increase our lethal assistance in terms of what they need and what they require to defend themselves and their country. So, we’re not going to let up.”

“But there is no question — look, this is Putin’s war,” she continued. “And we are very concerned, and we are monitoring it. We are fully aware that if there is any intentional targeting of civilians that, we are looking at the fact that there … very well may be a violation of international law. So, this is an issue that we should all be paying attention to. It is atrocious. And it is a violation of all of the standards and principles that we as particularly NATO nations take seriously in terms of protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of any nation.”

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