Franken: FNC's Tucker Carlson Is a 'Worthless Piece of Sh*t'

Franken: FNC's Tucker Carlson Is a 'Worthless Piece of Sh*t'

[WARNING: Adult Language]

Former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said Sunday on “The Al Franken Podcast” that FNC’s  Tucker Carlson was “a worthless piece of shit” for his coverage of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the 33:00 timestamp, discussing Russian state media, author Michael Weiss said, “I’ve seen essays heralding the final settlement of the Ukrainian question, meaning we’ve won the war, the government’s been toppled, Ukraine now belongs to Russia. Articles were uploaded to the internet prematurely and then had to be taken down because they didn’t win the war.”

Franken said, “So, in other words, all news there is like Fox was under Trump.”

Weiss said, “Well actually, quite literally in some cases because they love to play Tucker Carlson.”

Franken said, “Oh good, I’m glad someone in our country is giving aid and comfort to the Russians. Thank God, because that’ll probably only probably results in the deaths, I don’t know, thousands of people. But you know what? Tucker makes a lot of money. Did you know that?”

Weiss said, “I’m sure he does.”

Franken said, “And let me tell you why. Well, you can say to yourself, ‘Look, I’m very talented, I’m gonna work hard, I’m going to be a truth-teller, and work for the common good of everybody as I see it.’ Or you can say, ‘I’m a worthless piece of shit, and the only way I can make money is this way.'”

Weiss replied. “If you say so, yeah. I never met him. I know people who used to call him a friend.”

Franken said, “They still do?”

Weiss said, “Frankly, I don’t even care at this point.”

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