Delingpole: Come Back Theresa May, (Almost) All Is Forgiven...

Delingpole: Come Back Theresa May, (Almost) All Is Forgiven...

As Britain’s comedy prime minister Boris Johnson continues to make a fool of himself and his country at the G7 summit, his predecessor Theresa May has made a parliamentary intervention to show us how it should be done.

WE REALLY ARE AT THE END OF DAYS! I agree with EVERY word that Theresa May says here. 😮

— Darren Grimes (@darrengrimes_) June 11, 2021

Yes. Lots of people will be eating their words at this point — including me. Heaven knows how many pieces I wrote during her term in office declaring that Theresa May was, by some margin, the worst prime minister in British history, but here are a few: Theresa May’s Useless Conservatives Are Screwing Up Brexit; Theresa May Is Toast; and, my personal favourite, Better A Cocker Spaniel as Prime Minister Than Theresa May.

Her attack on the government’s disastrous Covid policy is absolutely spot on, however, and makes you wish that she were currently in charge rather than the useless globalist puppet Johnson.

She said:

I think there are some facts the Government needs to be up front with the British people about and ministers need to think a bit more about when making these decisions.

We will not eradicate Covid-19 from the UK. Variants will keep on coming. If the Government’s position is that we cannot open up and travel till there are no new variants elsewhere then we will never be able to travel abroad ever again.

Sadly people will die from Covid here in the UK in the future, as 10,000 to 20,000 people do every year from flu.

It is incomprehensible that one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world is one that is most reluctant to give its citizens the freedoms those vaccinations should support.

May is saying something here that almost no one else within the Westminster bubble is admitting. Lobby journalists aren’t asking the right questions. And even if they were, nobody in Johnson’s government seems capable of answering them.

Why are Britons being held prisoner on their island when so many other parts of the world — Ron DeSantis’s Florida being the shining example, but there are others — are opening up?

Whatever her failings as Prime Minister, Theresa May deserves credit for deploying her political capital towards this important intervention.

Now compare and contrast May’s wise words with Johnson’s latest fatuity:

🚨 | NEW: Boris Johnson to G7 leaders:

“We are building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and in a more gender neutral and more feminine way. How about that.”

— Politics For All (@PoliticsForAlI) June 11, 2021

“Building back more equal, and in a more gender neutral and more feminine way.”

No matter how much he may joke about it, now matter how much he might try to distance himself from it through his trademark flippancy, irony and bluffness, the fact is that Boris Johnson really is turning his country into a woke, freedom-hating hellhole.

Come back Theresa May, (almost) all is forgiven.

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