Delingpole: Bojo's and Princess Nut-Nut's Interior Decor Is an MSM Smokescreen

Delingpole: Bojo's and Princess Nut-Nut's Interior Decor Is an MSM Smokescreen

Boris Johnson may have spent £58,000 of donors’ money doing up his 11 Downing Street flat in the modish, cod-ethnic, eco-chic style to which his girlfriend Carrie Symonds is accustomed.

Shock horror!

Well not, actually.

There are two reasons why I think this story – currently being pushed hard by the MSM, and now the subject of an official investigation by the Electoral Commission – is a complete waste of life.

The first is that I consider it a matter of aching triviality that Bojo has had to get his pad tarted up to please his difficult bird. This makes him no different from any other attached male anywhere in the world: happy wife, happy life – it really is that simple.

Even if Bojo had spent ten times as much converting his flat into, say, a replica of the endangered Amazon rainforest complete with toucans, poison arrow frogs and Yanomami tribesmen, I still think it would have been money well spent if it got Princess Nut-Nut off his back. If Bojo is going to be Prime Minister, which unfortunately he is, then it is in all our interests to have him with his mind on the job rather than bickering with his missus over interior decor.

Lulu Lytle: What Does The Revamped Downing Street Flat Look Like And How Much Did It Cost?

— Grazia UK (@GraziaUK) April 28, 2021

And no, I couldn’t care either way whether the money came out of his own pocket or whether it was a potentially misused political donation (which he has since been ‘shamed’ into paying back out of his pocket) . If the donor knew where the money was going and wasn’t expecting favours in return… can you really bring yourself to care? The Westminster establishment and mainstream media think you should, at least.

The Electoral Commission, in any case, is a left-controlled organisation with a terrible track record on vindictive pursuit of anyone it considers insufficiently woke (eg Brexit fundraiser Darren Grimes.) Even those of us who despise Bojo ought to recognise that this tiny pimple of a non-event is most certainly NOT the hill he should be made to die on.

But the second and more important reason why I loathe this non-story is that it is the most disgraceful and deliberate distraction from a much, much bigger scandal.

That scandal is this: under Boris Johnson’s puppet governance, Britain has descended into a tyrannical hell hole where soon you won’t even be allowed to leave the island unless you’ve submitted to one of his ‘vaccine passports.’ Britain is a free country no longer. It’s also going to become an increasingly expensive one as the government starts turning the thumbscrews in order to force whatever is left of the taxpaying economy to subsidise the eye-watering sums Chancellor Rishi Sunak has squandered on furlough for the millions rendered needlessly unemployed by Westminster’s Chinese Coronavirus response.

By September last year, the UK government had already spent over £192 billion on ‘policy decisions in response to Covid.’ Public borrowing for 2020/21 is scheduled to be £317.4 billion above the government’s original plans, so you can tell the spending spree is far from over.

Think how many Princess-Nut-Nut-approved interiors by society decorating guru Lulu Lytle you could pay for with that kind of money!

James Delingpole