China Savages Biden: 'Not Articulate,' 'Poor in Verbal Expression'

The Chinese government propaganda outlet Global Times quoted regime-approved “experts” on Wednesday dismissing President Joe Biden as incapable of clear speech, suggesting that his comments in apparent support of a sovereign Taiwan were simply the product of his woeful communication skills.

Biden had used the word “independent” in a convoluted statement on America’s policy on Taiwan – an intentionally messy policy known as “strategic ambiguity” – in the aftermath of a conversation on Monday with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. Some Chinese observers decried Biden’s comments as not acknowledging Beijing’s false assertion that Taiwan is a Chinese province, but Biden rapidly walked back his remark and insisted “nothing” would change in America’s approach to the island nation.

Taiwan has been a sovereign state for decades, and the island has never been ruled by any government in Beijing. The Taiwanese government is democratic, anti-communist, and eager to establish ties with the United States. Since the presidency of Jimmy Carter, however, Washington has refused to acknowledge the reality of Taiwan’s existence, as doing so would automatically sever all diplomatic ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese media outlets asserted shortly before the three-hour “virtual meeting” between Biden and Xi that “suppressing” Taiwan was high on Xi’s list of priorities for the event.

“There is no need to analyze Biden’s meaning word for word,” Lü Xiang, a regime-approved Chinese “expert,” told the Global Times on Wednesday.

“It is known that Biden is not articulate. Since taking office, he has uttered all sorts of strange words and expressions,” Lü observed. “Another confusing and unclear statement is not surprising.”

Elsewhere, the Global Times quoted Lü describing Biden as “poor in verbal expression.”

Another communist-approved “expert” told the propaganda newspaper China should celebrate that Biden “did not even try to speak from the position of strength” when he met with Xi. Yet other Chinese observers celebrated that China had “the edge” in talks due to a variety of factors, including the deception that China, the origin country of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, has competently dealt with the matter. (In reality, China is currently suffering what may be one of the world’s biggest outbreaks.)

Frances Martel