Boris: British Soldiers Who Fight for Ukraine 'Will Face Court-Martial'

Boris: British Soldiers Who Fight for Ukraine 'Will Face Court-Martial'

LONDON (AP) – The British government is warning military veterans not to join the fighting in Ukraine and says any serving troops who go there will be court-martialed when they return.

Veterans Minister Leo Docherty wrote to British military charities urging ex-soldiers to support the Ukrainian people through donations and volunteering in the UK.

He said Friday that “veterans always step up in times of need, but they must channel their skills, experience and passion into legal routes of support for Ukraine and not engage in the conflict.”

Lizz Truss, Britain's Foreign Secretary, says she supports British citizens journeying to Ukraine to volunteer to fight against Russia — despite the British state previously having punished people who travelled overseas to fight ISIS

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Ukraine has encouraged foreign volunteers to join the fight against Russia’s invasion. A handful of UK service members have reportedly gone AWOL to travel to Ukraine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he sympathized with those wishing to go, but “we have very clear laws in this country. You shouldn’t go to Ukraine, and I’m afraid people going from our armed services … will face court-martial.”

Russia said Friday it was planning to bring “volunteers” from countries including Syria into the conflict on its side.

On Second Thoughts, Maybe Not: UK U-Turns on Allowing Britons to Volunteer in Ukraine

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