ABC's Hostin: Black and Latino Republicans Are an 'Oxymoron'

ABC's Hostin: Black and Latino Republicans Are an 'Oxymoron'

ABC’s legal analyst Sunny Hostin said Friday on ABC’s “The View” that Latino and black Republicans are an “oxymoron” while discussing White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre being named the first black and openly LGBTQ White House Press secretary.

Discussing a potential conflict of interest because Jean-Pierre is married to CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux, Guest co-host Lindsey Granger said, “I was a producer for a decade before I was on air. I understand the behind-the-scenes of television and working in it.”

She added, “I’m not accusing of these women of doing anything unsavory, but I’m saying there is potential that there could be a conflict of interest.”

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “Okay, I know this may be a novel point, a novel idea for a person who is a supporter of Trump, but there are people being capable of being related and not having ethical issues.”

Granger said, “There are many things I don’t stand by that Trump did. Trump has done things that are racist. I’m a black woman first, so always understand that. But I do say that I have many conservative values that I will talk to you about.”

Hostin asked, “Are you Republican?”

Granger said, “Yes.”

Hostin said, “I feel like that’s an oxymoron, a black Republican.”

Granger asked, “You feel like it’s an oxymoron?”

Hostin affirmed, “Yes.”

Pointing at Navarro, Granger said, “Why your friend right here is a Republican?”

Hostin said, “I don’t understand either of you.”

Granger shot back, “You don’t understand yourself.”

Hostin said, “I understand myself. I don’t understand either of you.”

She added, “I don’t understand black Republicans, and I don’t understand Latino Republicans.”

Navarro said, “Today, this is not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about celebrating Karine Jean-Pierre.”

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