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SNL’s Che: Breitbart Isn’t a News Site

During the “Weekend Update” on this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” co-host Michael Che mocked Breitbart News over President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of former Breitbart executive chairman to be his chief strategist.

Che joked that Breitbart has been called sexist, racist and a white nationalist news site, but he thinks “news site” is a little too far.

“While half the country is worried Trump is going to make America unsafe for women and minorities, the first guy he hired was former chairman of Breitbart News and fitness enthusiast, Steve Bannon. That face, though. Breitbart News has been criticized by many for being a sexist, racist, white nationalist news site. Strong words. I don’t know if I’d call it a news site. Calling Breitbart a news site is like calling the R. Kelly sex tape a [romantic comedy],” Che stated.

When asked about the clip, Breitbart editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow said, “It’s ironic Saturday Night Live claims to know what’s ‘news’ considering their punchlines are ripped straight from the headlines of 2002, which is roughly the last time SNL was relevant. R. Kelly sex tape? Timely reference!”

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