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Reports: Mitt Romney to Meet President-Elect Trump

Several news outlets are reporting that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will meet with president-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower this weekend in New York City.

CNN, Fox News, and NBC News are all reporting this development, with NBC speculating that Romney could be angling for a position as Secretary of State.

From Fox News:

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney are set to meet this weekend in New York, Fox News has learned.

The meeting between the president-elect and the 2012 GOP presidential nominee – who was one of Trump’s most outspoken Republican critics during the primary season – comes amid an intense round of meetings Trump is holding with prominent Republicans. Some are speculated to be under consideration for top-level Cabinet positions; others are thought to be providing guidance.

The Trump-Romney meeting could at least be a chance for the two to set aside their differences from the 2016 season and forge political unity.

Read the rest of the story here.

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