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Politics on late night: 'Daily Show' pokes fun at Nancy Pelosi, predicts 'subpoena hell' for President Trump


“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah took a playful jab Wednesday night at possible new House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday night for celebrating a “new day in America” on Election night, saying there’s nothing “new” about her being in charge, and instead labeling her probable leadership “new-ish.”

Noah also joked about the “subpoena cannon” that could soon be loaded and aimed at President Trump, and how the next two years will be “subpoena hell” for the Commander in Chief, adding that subpoenas will be coming from everywhere, including his “KFC bucket.”

Noah also expressed hope that the plan for Democrats isn’t to “investigate all of Trump’s thoughts,” advising that they “should be strategic” about what they investigate since the president and top Republicans have already accused Democrats of what has been coined as “presidential harassment.”


To that, “The Daily Show” presented a workplace-like PSA spoof offering advice to House Democrats on the dos and don’ts of “presidential harassment.”

“Daily Show” correspondent Michael Kosta told Democrats “don’t try to touch the president’s intimate areas” like his tax returns, which is a “private area that’s reserved for the president’s wife and his Russian investors” but “do look for cues that you are making the president uncomfortable,” noting to be observant of Trump’s body language to see if he’s being “protective of his space.”

“Finally, do let him harass you. And believe me, he will harass you,” Kosta said to Democrats. “That may seem unfair, but think of the president as a stripper. He can touch you but you can’t touch him… And if you ever wonder, ‘should you impeach the president?,’ think of this helpful acronym; ‘N as in No.’ I guess we could’ve just said ‘no.’”

Joseph Wulfsohn Fox News

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