Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Trump backs Pence, dismisses ‘phony’ report he questioned loyalty

President Trump on Saturday pushed back on a “phony” New York Times story that said Trump was unsure of Vice President Mike Pence’s loyalty and that a 2020 shakeup could be on the cards -- telling reporters that Pence was “100 percent loyal.

Trump, Kavanaugh impeachment speculation kicks up after Dems’ House takeover

With Democrats set to reclaim control of the House in January and President Trump already infuriating them with the forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, speculation is rampant over whether they will use that power to pursue impeachment against the president -- or even Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

5 races that might not be decided on Election Night

As voters cast their ballots across the country, the number of tight races makes it all but inevitable that some contests won't be called on Election Night -- in several states and districts, the vote count could drag into the wee morning hours of Wednesday, and at least one might not be decided until late November, even December.

Trump administration announces re-imposition of Iran sanctions

The Trump administration on Friday announced the restoration of the final round of sanctions on Iran that were lifted under the controversial 2015 Iran nuclear deal -- though there will be some exemptions for eight countries.

State of the Midterms: Blackburn rebounds, but GOP sees warning signs out West

With less than a week to go until Election Day, Republicans are seeing their odds improve of holdinga critical Senate seat in Tennessee after a brief scare, though warning signs are emerging out West -- with controversial Democrat Kyrsten Sinemapulling slightly ahead in Arizona.

Kamala Harris, amid 2020 rumors, floats $500 a month tax credit

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is proposing a new tax credit of up to $500 a month, or $6,000 a year, for families earning less than $100,000 a year -- as Democrats look for a counter message to President Trump’s tax cuts.

Cuban diplomats hijack US event on political prisoners, causing chaos at UN

A U.S.-led event to draw attention to the plight of political prisoners in Cuba under the repressive communist government was hijacked Tuesday by pro-regime diplomats and protesters -- who screamed slogans and banged tables in a display an American diplomat called shameful.

Nikki Haley resigns as UN ambassador, stays mum on next move

Nikki Haley abruptly announced her resignation Tuesday as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, catching staff and lawmakers by surprise and leaving Washington guessing about the next move for one of the administration's most prominent figures.

UN court sides with Iran, orders US to ease some sanctions

The United Nations' top court on Wednesday ordered the U.S. to easesome of its sanctions on Iran -- days after President Trump promised that the U.S. would double down on sanctions to halt the Islamic Republic’s “malign conduct.

Russia, North Korea use UN General Assembly to blast US

Russia and North Korea were among the countries using speeches at the United Nations General Assembly to attack U.S. foreign policy and call on President Trump to change tactics on a host of issues.

Committee advances Kavanaugh nomination in party-line vote, as Flake seeks delay

The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a party-line vote on Friday afternoon. That sent his Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate a day after an emotional hearing in which a California professor leveled sexual assault allegations - allegations that Kavanaugh emphatically denied.

Senate Judiciary Committee advances Kavanaugh nomination in party-line vote

The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a party-line vote Friday afternoon, sending his Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate a day after an emotional hearing where a California professor leveled sexual assault allegations that he adamantly denied.

Flake's 'yes' on Kavanaugh sparks angry backlash from Democrats, activists

Sen. Jeff Flake’s, R-Ariz., announcement Friday that he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court triggered an angry backlash from Democrats and activists, as it appeared to bring the judge one step closer to sitting on the nation's highest court.

Sen. Jeff Flake says he will vote to confirm Kavanaugh

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said Friday he will vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a significant boost for the embattled nominee’s prospects of getting confirmed to the nation’s highest court a day after he defended himself against sexual assault allegations.

Lindsey Graham’s Kavanaugh moment earns conservative praise

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s, R-S.C., fiery broadside against Senate Democrats for their handling of sex-assault claims against Brett Kavanaugh has earned widespread praise from conservatives, some of whom once dismissed him as a “RINO” for his views on immigration.

Trump trades fire with Iranian leader at UN General Assembly

President Trump on Tuesday traded fiery accusations with Iran's president on the floor of the U.N. General Assembly, calling on the international community to isolate the regime as Hassan Rouhani accused Trump of having a "Nazi disposition.

Trump brushes off laughing UN audience, doubles down on 'America First'

President Trump was met with awkward laughter from a U.N. General Assembly audience on Tuesday while boasting of successes under his administration, but brushed off the response as he doubled down on an “America First” agenda at the globalist body.

At UN, Trump calls on world leaders to 'isolate' Iranian regime

President Trump on Tuesday tore into Iran in his much-anticipated speech to the United Nations General Assembly, calling on the international community to isolate the regime and ensure it cannot possess a nuclear weapon.

Democrats under fire for pushing misleading Kavanaugh videos

Amid a fiery Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Democrats have been caught spreading selectively edited video clips online of statements made by nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh -- and then standing by their interpretation, despite the criticism.

Trump rips into Jeff Sessions: 'I don't have an Attorney General'

President Trump ripped into Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an interview published Wednesday, going so far as to say “I don’t have an Attorney General” -- the latest broadside against one of his earliest supporters.

Dems make new demands on Kavanaugh hearing, as Republicans cry foul

Democratic senators on Tuesday escalated their demands regarding a hearing to examine the sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh -- suggesting Monday's scheduled public session with the Supreme Court nominee and his accuser is not enough, calling for more witnesses and more time for the FBI to dig into the allegations.

Trump administration cuts refugee admissions to 30,000

The Trump administration announced Monday it will cut the maximum number of refugees allowed into the country next year to 30,000, citing national security concerns and the need to restore integrity to the system.

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