Monday, December 10, 2018

MixedTimes - Business

Here's what became of Bernie Madoff's inner circle

Few people outside of Wall Street had heard of Bernard Madoff before he confessed to his epic fraud in 2008. In the decade since, he has become the personification of greed — and a household name.

Southwest Airlines flight overruns runway in Burbank

A Southwest Airlines flight overran the runway in at Hollywood Burbank Airport on Thursday, a slide that was broken by a collapsible runway safety feature. No injures were reported, the airline said.

Why the U.S. government is so suspicious of Huawei

The U.S. government has spent the better part of the last decade taking issue with the Huawei over topics including the firm's alleged espionage ties to the Chinese government and allegations of a long history of intellectual property theft.

Lance Armstrong says his investment in Uber 'saved our family'

Lance Armstrong's early investment of $100,000 in Uber has multiplied in value. In an interview, Armstrong said the investment has "saved" his family after being forced to pay millions in settlements over his doping as an elite cyclist.

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