Friday, January 15, 2021

MixedTimes - Pamela Browne

Grassley demands to see ex-spy Christopher Steele's videotaped deposition

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has stepped up the pressure for a congressional review of the political operative and former British spy Christopher Steele's videotaped deposition taken as part of ongoing civil litigation against online publisher Buzzfeed and Steele's U.K.

Ex-UK spy Christopher Steele ordered to appear for video deposition in London

Today in a procedural ruling before the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division, former British spy Christoher Steele was ordered to appear for a videotaped deposition in London on June 18 for the ongoing civil litigation brought against Buzzfeed by a Russian technology executive Aleksej Gubarev.

Christopher Steele, Trump dossier author and ex-spy, under fire

In a London courtroom this week, lawyers for Christopher Steele, the former British spy and author of the Trump dossier fought to protect his sources, which claimed the Kremlin had salacious and compromising information on Donald Trump.

Christopher Steele must appear for dossier deposition in British court

The man at the epicenter of the dodgy dossier, former British MI-6 officer Christopher Steele, was ordered by an English court Friday to appear for a videotaped deposition in London to be used as trial testimony in ongoing civil litigation against Buzzfeed for publishing the unverified dossier.

Christopher Steele is no-show in London court in civil case over dossier

On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, former British MI-6 Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele is going to extremes to avoiding answering questions from the United States Congress, while at the same time avoiding being videotaped and deposed in a multi-million dollar libel case brought against Buzzfeed.