Tuesday, September 22, 2020

MixedTimes - Maxim Lott

First construction of brand-new border wall in Texas begins

Construction on the Trump administration’s first totally new border wall – where none existed previously – has started in Texas, just southeast of the town of McAllen along the Rio Grande river, U.S.

Researchers challenge widely cited study linking Trump rallies to hate crimes

Media outlets lavished attention this year on a study that found hate crimes were a whopping 226 percent higher in counties where President Trump held rallies -- but researchers at another university are now challenging those findings,saying there is no link between the two, once a basic flaw in the calculations is fixed.

Russia probe flashback: 7 ways FBI actions raised bias questions

The conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation – and its determination that no evidence supports claims of Trump-Russia collusion – has spurred calls from President Trump’s allies to closely examine the probe’s origins at the FBI.

DHS official: Border security bill does not contain ‘amnesty’ poison pills

Immigration hawks slammed the border security compromise President Trump signed into law Friday for containing last-minute provisions that they argued gives "amnesty" to many – but a Department of Homeland Security official insisted to Fox News that’s a misunderstanding of the bill.

Top 5 failed socialist promises: From Lenin to Chavez

Politicians of all stripes make big promises to get into office – but some of the most extravagant promises of the last century have come from socialist politicians pledging to reshape society as a utopia for all.

Americans warming to socialism over capitalism, polls show

Politicians calling themselves "Democratic socialists" have made very-visible gains in the past year, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joining Congress on Thursday and Sen. Bernie Sanders becoming a party icon with the status to bring policies like Medicare-for-all into the mainstream.

Democrat Kelly beats GOP's Kris Kobach for Kansas governor

Democratic state senator Laura Kelly has beat Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Fox News projects, flipping the Governor's mansion in a deep red state that voted for Trump by more than 20 points.

Republicans see hope in early-vote totals from key battlegrounds

Republicans are continuing to see strong early-vote turnout in key battleground states, potentially boosting their chances for at least holding the Senate even as analysts see Democrats holding the overall edge in the battle for House control.