Friday, January 15, 2021

MixedTimes - Fred Lucas

Trump's legacy on courts still building in waning days of presidency

The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote Thursday on the nominee to fill the appeals court seat vacated by new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrettas well as voting on whether to send three other lower trial court nominees to the Senate floor — which could further cement President Trump’s reshaping of the federal judiciary before he leaves office.

National debt disappears as 2020 campaign issue – but it keeps growing

Almost a decade after out-of-control spending and borrowing fueled the Tea Party revolution in a historic midterm election, no major presidential candidates from either party seem interested in the national debt that now stands at more than $23 trillion, leaving every American citizen owing almost $70,000.

‘Fort Trump’? US boosting military ties with Poland in bid to deter Russia

The small European country that played a central role in two seminal events of the 20th century – the beginning of World War II and the fall of Soviet communism – is today key to deterring Russia’s aggressive military ambitions, officials say as they anticipate a strong U.S.

Ben Carson takes aim at red tape blamed for soaring housing costs

State and local governments are driving up the cost of housing through a web of regulations, private groups and federal officials say – a situation that’s prompted Housing Secretary Ben Carson to call for new incentives to eliminate the red tape.

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘wealth tax’ faces constitutional questions

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is aggressively pushing a new wealth tax – which she’s dubbed the “UltraMillionaireTax” – ahead of this weekend’s formal presidential campaign launch, but keeps running into the same question from critics: Is it even constitutional?

Watchdog presses FEC for audit on Maxine Waters fundraising practices

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters is facing a new complaint about an obscure fundraising tactic that rakes in thousands from state politicians in exchange for being listed on her slate mailers -- this time, involving supporters of a former Los Angeles mayor defeated in the June gubernatorial primary.

Andrew Cuomo using banks to target NRA, faces major legal test

A campaign by New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to crack down on the National Rifle Association and similar groups is facing its first big legal test, with a federal judge expected to decide soon whether to allow a challenge to go forward.

Supreme Court decisions could curb campus censorship

Recent First Amendment rulings by the Supreme Court could force courts and university administrators to take a closer look at controversial practices that have marginalized certain political views – often conservative ones – on campus.

Maxine Waters hit with FEC complaint over mailer money

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, one of the most outspoken members of the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ in Congress, is facing fresh questions about a longstanding controversy regarding how her campaign raises money and how those funds have flowed to her daughter.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton loom over Virginia 2018 Senate race

A Senate race between Hillary Clinton’s running mate and a candidate characterized as the Donald Trump of Virginia could likely garner massive national attention, even if it isn’t competitive—and for now, polls indicate it isn’t.

Trump, Hillary loom over Virginia 2018 Senate race

A Senate race between Hillary Clinton’s running mate and a candidate characterized as the Donald Trump of Virginia could likely garner massive national attention, even if it isn’t competitive—and for now, polls indicate it isn’t.

One state pursues 'end of ObamaCare,' setting stage for new fight

Idaho has become ground zero in a new ObamaCare fight, with officials pursuing major changes that could serve as a national model for other states looking to expand insurance options in defiance of the law – even as Democrats warn of higher costs for vulnerable customers.

Democratic AGs swarm Trump administration with lawsuits

Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer. The Russia probe. The ‘deep state.’ Of all the obstacles that could potentially thwart the Trump agenda, add to that tempest the flood of lawsuits now being plotted by blue-state attorneys general who have made no secret of their disdain for the administration’s policies.

Blue states ramp up push to 'evade' chunk of Trump's tax reform

The Republican tax plan touted as the signature legislative accomplishment of President Trump’s first year in office already is running into efforts by high-tax blue states to “evade” a key provision meant to help offset the law’s rate cuts.

Will Democrats run on impeachment in 2018 midterms? Don't count it out

After months of shying away from the toxic topic, Democrats increasingly are embracing political rhetoric that flirts with the impeachment of President Trump – signaling a strategy that could work its way into the mainstream in the 2018 midterms.

'Junk science'? Studies behind Obama regulations under fire

Scientific studies used by the Obama administration to help justify tough environmental regulations are coming under intensifying scrutiny, with critics questioning their merit as the Trump EPA reverses or delays some of those rules.

Buyer beware: Courts could raise cost of online shopping

Courts could have a say in how much consumers pay for certain products they buy online, as states that have long complained about missing out on sales tax revenue are suing or passing laws to take on online retailers.