Saturday, January 16, 2021

MixedTimes - Chris Stirewalt

Republicans at the crossroads

Two good questions for you to consider as events unfold this week for our country.

Vice squad

How will Kamala Harris and Mike Pence set their sails?

Attention surplus disorder

Why did Trump bother vetoing an elephantine Pentagon funding bill?

A shot at history

It's easy for us to imagine that everything used to be hunky dory in

Nuts about flakes

How about some fresh nuggets to float in your cocoa?

Jacobin time in the GOP

The Jacobinism that animated Democrats during the Trump era may come to dominate Republicans in the post-Trump era.

The Kraken gap

The Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election ran aground Tuesday.

Georgia’s curious concatenation

Here’s a state that just went for the Democratic presidential nominee for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Gangsters’ paradise?

What bipartisanship can be, is an indicator that a proposal might succeed. Not always, of course.

The opposite of worry

To give thanks is an audaciously optimistic act, and America is an audaciously optimistic nation.

Trump faces economic redline

When it comes to who’s-telling-whom, economic interests usually dictate political actions.

What Jefferson didn’t know

We do not mean to be so hard on Jefferson, the idealistic young man of the First Continental Congress.

Man oh mandate

Biden’s first mandate: Not to be the other candidate.

Steady as she goes

Despite the fears and forecasts of chaos and destruction, Americans seem to be hanging loose.

Choose your own adventure

With seven states still up in the air, a couple of scenarios present themselves.

Hail, Weirdos!

In this very weird year, Americans are acting like the pros we are.

The pessimist’s guide to the election

In a moment like the culmination of this year’s presidential election, we would all do well to explore the other side of our hopes.

 Tied to the tracks

Are they the right or wrong tracks is the question.

The high price of primary politics

In just six corkscrew turns of retributive rationalizations, we can span two decades of the Senate eating its own tail.

Can fireman Pence start a blaze?

The vice president heads into his one-and-only showdown with Democratic counterpart, Kamala Harris, tonight.

The mistake on the lake

We’re not going to make you relive that awful, embarrassing spectacle with much in the way of blow-by-blow analysis.

Trump tax story no bombshell

It’s hard for us to see how the revelations about Trump’s taxes are a major mover in the campaign.

Let’s play ‘literally or seriously’

Welcome to the game show in which contestants try to turn the utterances of President Trump into something useful for their team.

The problem is Congress

Let's take it back to Teddy Roosevelt's time in office.

Believe in America

Every year on Sept. 11, Americans share a dual remembrance.

Five key counties to watch

Labor Day has long been the traditional kickoff for the fall campaign season.

Pence gets tangled in the flag

Why should he get to deliver his convention speech from one of America’s patriotic shines?

A woke Trump convention

The RNC tone suggests the Trump campaign understands the 2016 message isn’t a good fit.

Scott takes the lead

Anyone who watched the first night of the Republican National Convention learned Tim Scott is killing it.

Trump starting to sound desperate

American voters, like mother bison, tend to react very poorly to too much eagerness when it comes to power.