Saturday, August 15, 2020

MixedTimes - Chris Stirewalt

Trump starting to sound desperate

American voters, like mother bison, tend to react very poorly to too much eagerness when it comes to power.

Biden is a Bubba, not Obama lite

There’s been a great deal of talk across the political pitch about a former Democratic president and his influence on the party now.

Mighty John Lewis

What shouldwe hopethat people do with their beliefs in America today? Be likeJohn Lewis.

Tribalism and triumphalism

If Dems had to start all over again, would Joe Biden be able to repeat his performance?

Independence or nah?

American independence was such a catalytic event in world history that we really can’t imagine what things would be like.

Another incumbent falls

Trump endorsed, five-term Colorado U.S. Rep.Scott Tiptonlost in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Violence abated

Pentagon chief bucks Trump on troop deployments.

Don and Nancy, at it again

It’s the plotline in the telenovelaof Trump-era Washington that we just can’t escape.

Charting a course for hubris

For all of our strength, nature finds our weaknesses and brings us to our knees.

German lessons

Germany is emerging as one of the great international success stories from the pandemic.

Sorry, Millennials

Generational cohorts are defined by their experiences, not their dates of birth.

Doing as Americans do

What we’ve seen from institutions and individuals is a remarkable display of compassionate good citizenship.

Corona populism

Maybe it’s actually quite simple.

Bernie backs Biden

The announcement settles speculation on whether and when Sanders would formally back his former primary rival.

Bye-bye Bernie

Stocks surge, Biden relieved.

Of sad news and silver linings

In light of the grim news, let’s keep things a little lighter off the top today with some news nuggets.

Tom Coburn, R.I.P.

Sen. Coburn never, ever wavered on his principles or his purpose.

No bliss in willful ignorance

Our politicians and pundits have so much gotten into the habit of being facile – intentionally obtuse.

Unemployment skyrockets

Meanwhile Pelosi sets targets for next bailout package.

Trump trapped

Can the president get where he wants to go?

Your Skinny Tuesday race guide

If Dems can’t do much now to change the tune, today they can at least set the tempo.

Michigan mammoth

Michigan will be the biggest prize of the six states voting on Tuesday.

Warren wilts

Warren declines to make an endorsement for now.

Biden thumps Bernie

Can Biden’s coalition could go the distance?