Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Trump announces US ‘terminating’ relationship with WHO

President Trumpannounced Friday that the U.S. is "terminating" its relationship with the embattled World Health Organization (WHO) over its failure to enact reforms in the face ofconcerns over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its pro-China bias.

Venezuelan asylum-seekers warn that lockdown-era America is a taste of socialism

Two Venezuelan asylum-seekersare warning that the recent shutdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemicare giving Americans a taste of thesocialist ideology that drove their homeland down the road to economic and social ruin -- and are urging Americans to avoid going down that path in the future, even if public health imperatives dictate strict measures now.

Dems reportedly warning preelection economic surge could seal Trump victory

As President Trumpand the rest of the country grapplewith an economic downturn and sky-high unemployment rates amid the coronavirus crisis, some Democrats reportedly worry that an explosive economic recovery in the fall could revive Trump’s lagging political fortunes -- and seal his re-election.

Dems reportedly warning preelection economic surge could boost Trump

AsPresident Trumpand the rest of the country grapplewith an economic downturn and sky-high unemployment rates amid thecoronavirus crisis, some Democrats reportedly worry that an explosive economic recovery in the fall could revive Trump’s lagging political fortunes -- and boost his chance at reelection.

Trump campaign launches 'You Ain't Black' website amid Biden controversy

President Trump’s 2020 campaign has quickly created a new website as part ofefforts tocapitalize on a controversy that has engulfed Democratic rival Joe Biden -- after the former vice president said that black Americans who have a hard time “figuring out” whether to support him or Trump “ain’t black.

Biden takes heat from left-wing activists, Bernie aides for ‘you ain’t black’ remarks

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is taking heat from the left-wing of his own party, as well as aides to former rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., for his latest controversy -- in which he said in an interview that those black Americans having a hard time "figuring out" whether to support him or President Trump "ain't black.

Dems make big push to aid illegal immigrants amid coronavirus crisis

Congressional Democrats andstate governmentsare pushing a range of ways toassistillegal immigrantsin their response to the coronavirus crisis,calling for the release of those in detentionand lobbying to make them eligible for over a thousanddollars each in stimulus payments.

US clashes with Russia, China at UN Security Council over Venezuela

The U.S. on Wednesday defended itself at the U.N. Security Council from Russian and Chinese criticism over its approach to the Maduro regime in Venezuela, accusing Moscow of indulging the regime’s “habit of blaming others for its appalling choices.

Chinese state media makes propaganda video game to bash Pompeo

The Chinese government is pushing back against growing international criticism of its botched handling of the coronavirus pandemic -- which went on to infect millions and cause an international economic crisis -- by making fun of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with a video game.

WHO database on health care attacks omits Chinese doctor suppression

A World Health Organization database on attacks on health care makes no mention of the silencing of doctors who sought to sound the alarm on the novel coronavirus by the Chinese government — something critics say is the latest sign of the embattled agency’s pro-China bias.

Seattle City Council calls for $100 million 'relief fund' for illegal immigrants

The Seattle City Council has called on Washington state to create a $100 million “relief fund” for illegal immigrants who did not qualify for the federal stimulus checks issued last month -- the latest push by left-wing states to put money in the pockets of those in the country illegally.

UN takes heat for bizarre ‘gender neutral’ language code

The United Nations is taking heat after posting a bizarre new dictionary of “gender-neutral” terms to replace more gendered words used in everyday life -- with social media users expressing bewilderment and confusion at the language policing that in some cases appeared to backfire.

FISA reform bill passes Senate amid concerns about surveillance

A bill to reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) passed the Senate comfortably on Thursday with bipartisan support, renewing some ofits provisions but coupling that with some reforms to deal with concerns about surveillance abuse.

House Democrats' coronavirus bill earmarks $1 million to study 'disinformation'

The House Democrats'$3 trillion coronavirus relief bill wouldearmark $1 million to study “disinformation” related to the coronavirus, part of a $125 million package for “research and related activities" -- but one that could lead to questions about what such “disinformation” it would target.

FBI, DHS accuse China of cyberattacks on US organizations doing coronavirus research

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday accused the Chinese government of targeting organizations conducting coronavirus research with cyberattacks, and warned that such companies should take steps to protect their systems -- even as they scramble to combat a virus that originated inChina.

Trump calls on California to let Elon Musk reopen Tesla plant

President Trump on Tuesday gave his backing to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, calling on California to allow Musk to re-open his plant in the northern part of the statedespite concerns over safety due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden campaign ramps up digital staff amid tech woes, Dem pressure

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign is beefing up its digital staff, just as it had been hit by a series of technical problems at a virtual event on Thursday-- and amid alarm bellsfrom Democratic allies that it is lagging behind the Trump campaign on the digital battlefield.

Obama says ‘rule of law is at risk’ after DOJ dropped Michael Flynn case

President Obama on Friday reacted to the Justice Department’s move to end its case against Michael Flynn by declaring that the “rule of law is at risk” -- as new details emerge about what the former president knew about the case against Flynn in the last days of his administration.

GOP lawmakers call on Barr to crack down on strict coronavirus orders

EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans introduced a resolution Friday urging Attorney General William Barr to review orders issued by state and local leaders in response to the coronavirus crisis, and to act against those that infringe on constitutional rights -- part of a growing pushback against what some see as a heavy-handed approach to dealing with the virus.

Trump names terms for next coronavirus bill, says no 'bailing out poorly run' states

President Trump on Tuesday laid out what he wants “on the table” for the next round of economic stimulus -- calling for the elimination of “sanctuary” city policies, as well as cuts to payroll and capital gains taxes while arguing that the coronavirus must not be used to bail out “poorly run” states.

Women’s groups vocal on Kavanaugh now silent on Biden allegation

Top women’s groups are keeping quiet about a sexual assault allegationagainst presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden -- a stark contrast to how such groups treated allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

Cuomo hits 'alphabet soup' of agencies for not sounding alarm on coronavirus threat

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday blamed an “alphabet soup” of agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), for not giving states sufficient warning about the incoming coronavirus threat from China at the beginning of the year.

Republicans hit Democrats, media after development in Biden sexual assault claim

Republicans are ripping into Democrats and media outlets for what they allege is silence over the latest bombshell development in the sexual assault allegation against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden -- after video emerged that appears to show accuser Tara Reade’s mother referring to the alleged assault on TV in 1993.

Bernie aides erupt over development in Biden sexual assault claim as DNC stays mum

The Democratic National Committee is so far staying quiet on the latest development in a sexual assault accusation against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden -- after video emerged from 1993 in which the accuser’s mother appears to allude to “problems” her daughter faced working for the then-senator.

Immigration hawks underwhelmed by executive order, call for Trump to 'do better'

Even as President Trump faces blistering criticism from Democrats for his executive order restricting immigration into the U.S., he is also encountering significant pushback from immigration hawks -- who argue the order falls short of the moratorium they were expecting, and are demanding Trump “do better.

Nikki Haley launches petition urging Congress to investigate China over coronavirus crisis

FormerU.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on Thursday launcheda petition urging Congress to investigate China for its role in the coronavirus crisis, and to crack down on the communist government’s actions across the globe -- amid increasing pressure on the government to say what it knew about the virus and what it allegedly covered up.