Friday, August 17, 2018
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Al Qaeda returns? UN panel warns of new bin Laden threat

As the Islamic State is driven out of its former strongholds, a U.N. panel is warning that the next big terror threat in the region could come, once again, from Al Qaeda -- led by the son of Usama bin Laden.

Pence calls for Space Force to be established by 2020

Vice President Pence called Thursday for America to assert its dominance in space as he made a direct appeal to the Pentagon for a sixth military branch serving this purpose -- and revealed the Trump administration wants to create the “Space Force” by 2020.

Missouri voters reject right-to-work law in rare win for unions

The national push to check union power was dealt a rare blow Tuesday when voters in Missouri rejected a right-to-work law that would have prevented private-sector unions from collecting compulsory fees from workers who do not join.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shuns Hollywood elites in West Coast tour

New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, currently one of the leading lights of the Democrats’ left-wing, is on a tour of the West Coast -- but is notably avoiding meeting up with the region’s Hollywood elites.

Trump tells everybody 'be cool' as trade tensions escalate

President Trump looked to soothe fears from jittery Republicans over his trade policy Wednesday, saying that negotiations are going well and urging people to “be cool” ahead of his talks with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Thousands march against Trump in rowdy London protests

Thousands took to the streets of Britain’s capital Friday in protest of President Trump’s three-day visit to the country -- just as Trump was trying to smooth over relations with Prime Minister Theresa May after an interview in which he criticized her approach to Brexit.

In UK, Trump throws fuel onto Britain's fiery political debate over Brexit

The U.K. woke Friday to discover that President Trump had thrown fuel onto the country’s already fiery political debate -- on a day in which he will hold a joint press conference with under-siege Prime Minister Theresa May, meet with Queen Elizabeth II and witness tens of thousands of demonstrators march through London in protest of his three-day working visit.

Mulvaney's challenger for CFPB leadership resigns

Leandra English, the deputy director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, announced on Friday that she was resigning, having failed to sue President Trump for control of the controversial agency.

North Korea says denuclearization talks with Pompeo 'regrettable'

The North Korean government has accused the U.S. of undermining the spirit of last month’s summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un after what it says were “regrettable” talks with a delegation led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Supreme Court's Janus decision could hurt unions' political might in midterms

The Supreme Court’s ruling that government workers can’t be forced to pour money into labor union coffers that represent them for collective bargaining may hurt Democrats in the upcoming midterms -- although some experts suggest it could have a galvanizing impact for union members to get out and vote.

President Trump, White House go to bat for ICE amid Dem attacks

President Trump backed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Tuesday in the face of growing Democratic calls to abolish the agency -- a day after the White House had targeted individual lawmakers for their attacks.

Gowdy rips Rosenstein on Russia probe: 'Finish it the hell up'

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy tore into Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Thursday over the long-running Russia collusion probe -- telling the Justice Department at a public hearing to “finish it the hell up because this country is being torn apart.

DOJ hands over documents to GOP committees after contempt threat

The Justice Department this week gave House Republicans some of the documents they are seeking related to the Russia election-meddling investigation -- after lawmakers threatened to hold officials in contempt for stonewalling over subpoena requests.

DOJ hands over documents to GOP committees after subpoena threat

The Justice Department this week gave House Republicans some of the documents they are seeking related to the Russia election-meddling investigation -- after lawmakers threatened to hold officials in contempt for stonewalling over subpoena requests.

First lady Melania Trump visits child detention center in Texas

First lady Melania Trump on Thursday visited a child detention center in Texas that houses minors who entered the country illegally -- in the wake of her husband’s executive order that ended the practice of separating families.

Hungary's pro-Trump, populist government pushes Soros crackdown

Hungary’s populist government is brimming with confidence after an overwhelming election win in April, and is pushing ahead with tough policies on illegal migration and combating the influence of left-wing Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros.

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